Whether it be a caravan or motorhome, Aussie Traveller has a large selection of awnings and annexes for you to choose from. It doesn't matter whether it is short or long or tall - the craftsmen at Aussie Traveller can custom make what you need - but the chances are they will have one available from their standard stock range. The only choice you will have to make is which style and which colour. We will show you how to measure your own awning or how to measure your own annexe and send us details for a quotation - all done online in the comfort of your own home.

We specialise in Accessories for Awnings - Anti Flap Kits (AFK), Walls and Curved Roof Rafters (CRR) - all designed to make your caravan or motorhome experience truly hassle free.

We can convert most awnings into a wind and water proof annexe.

There are so many accessories for other parts of your caravan or motorhome - just to name a few - vents - ladders - roof racks - steps - carryall boxes - roof boxes - camping carpet - roof top tents - gazebos - doors and windows - boots and protector shades - LED lights - and even generators. So check out our Accessories pages.

After all that, maybe you have a need we haven't mentioned here - so you can email us with details of your specific needs and we can get back to you! Who knows, you might need something which we find would be a great asset to our vast range of products!