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  1. Kronings Heat 1500+ Kronings Heat 1500+

    Kronings Heat 1500+

    Kronings Electric Heating System 1500+

    Electronic heating system for caravans with 100% thermostate controlled blower and ceramic heating elements.  Combine it with your existing heating system or operate it as a stand-alone unit.

    Regular Price: $474.10

    Special Price $238.00

  2. Kronings Towing Mirror

    Luxury mirrors

    Kronings caravan towing mirrors are developed and designed by renowned Danish designers and engineers. The clean Danish design, the light weight and the multiple mounting combinations, fits most cars sold on the European market.
    Materials used are protected against many different kinds of climates, such as winters with salt and ice, as well as warm and sunny climates. Kronings caravan towing mirrors are designed with an easy-to-use mechanical holding system, which ensures a comfortable and fast mounting and demounting of caravan mirrors.

    The many variations of holding arms, rubber pillow as well as holding pins, offers a unique and endless combination on car mirrors. The holding arms may be positioned in straight, telescopically adjusted or crossed ways to fit the car mirror perfectly.

  3. Kronings luxury mirrors fit 95% of all cars - one kit fits "all"
  4. Conversion kit with many combinations.
  5. All parts and tools packed in stylish gift box.
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2 Item(s)