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Are you yearning to hit the road for an extended break away in the great outdoors? With Easter and school holidays here, it’s the perfect opportunity to hit the road and experience some of Australia’s most beautiful scenic locations.

From Aussie Traveller HQ in Brisbane, you could make the most of this break and head north right up to 1770, exploring Sunshine Coast hinterland and beaches along the way. Or even venture out west for some historic pub-hopping along the Cobb & Co. Trail.

For those residing in Victoria, use the break to enjoy the High Country. Get out of town and experience incredible hikes or indulge in the abundance of wineries and eateries dotted around the area. The Easter break is the perfect time to enjoy fresh temperatures before thermometers drop to around freezing.

Of course, this time of the year means unpredictable (often rainy!) weather, but you don’t have to compromise on comfort for your road trip. We believe that exploring the great outdoors shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable. Aussie Traveller has some great products to ensure you can really make the most of the Easter break this year.

Even on those rainy days, you can have all the comforts of home for your family barbecues with our new custom-made Euro walls. Featuring zip-in and zip-out midge proof screens, these lightweight walls attach to any existing awning style and provide instant, waterproof outdoor (doubled!) living space.

Another welcome addition to your caravan or RV this year could be the Autosteady Standard Swing Down – ensure you make the most of the extended weekend by not wasting precious time manually adjusting those sometimes-troublesome stabilising legs on arrival at your destination after a long day of travel. This great product also means no more manual winding! The AutoSteady attaches to the existing legs of your camper and using only 12V, swing down by remote.

Wherever you’re off to over the holiday period, make sure you’ve got the gear to make it a memorable trip! Explore our website to find some fantastic deals on tried and trusted products.

17 Apr 2019 10:29:58 am By Elevate Communications Easter, Caravan, Aussie Traveller, Camping, Holiday, Travelling, 0 Comments Products,

Whether you’re in the process of renovating your own vehicle, or looking to purchase one, this Aussie Traveller checklist will serve as a handy guide on how best to hit the gravel rolling.


Before you even try to get moving, it’s essential to check your towing vehicle’s capability against the tow-load you’re about to burden it with. Be sure to calculate your Gross Combined Mass (GCM) limit accurately – don’t forget to include the weight of luggage, fuel and passengers!

Once you know exactly how much your entire payload scales in at, it’s time to have a look at your towing capacity. Be aware this can vary significantly between vehicles, and there can even be variance in the same range of models. So, make sure to take due diligence when checking the towing capacity for your specific model of vehicle. If your GCM falls comfortably within your vehicle’s towing capacity, then you’re almost ready to hit the road.

Don’t forget that once you reach your destination (or even return home), you may have to manoeuvre your caravan into a convenient location. This can prove to be an impossible task for novice and experienced towers, alike. Aussie Traveller stocks a range of Camper Trolleys that are lifesavers when trying to jockey your caravan into tight spaces. Check them out here.


It’s important to know the exact length, width, and height of your caravan and towing vehicle. If you don’t, you may find your caravan gets reshaped and resized by a low hanging ceiling or narrow wall.

The potential consequences should be enough here to guarantee that you double check the height of every tunnel and bridge you approach – it will certainly be front of mind! Have your dimensions handy while driving, or even try sticking them to your dashboard for quick reference.

Another common issue is that your side-mirrors aren’t wide enough to get a good look at exactly what’s behind your caravan when reversing.


The last thing you want to find when arriving at the caravan park is that during the first corner of the trip, your cupboard doors have swung open to relieve themselves of their contents. It is imperative to secure everything inside your caravan. If there is anything inside your caravan that has the potential to move, make sure it doesn’t. Cupboards, fridges, appliances, electronics, crockery, wardrobes – they all need to be secured. Get organised with these fantastic Thule Organisers.


The same rule applies for all external windows, doors, and awnings. It’s always worth a quick walk around the perimeter of your caravan to check all doors, windows, and awnings are secured. All doors, windows, and awnings have the potential to cause damage to your vehicle if they are not properly secured prior to travel. If you find a door, window, or awning requiring repairs to stay secure, fixing these before you set off on your journey is essential. Have a look at Aussie Traveller’s offerings on parts for these products here.


Check the seals around corner moulds, doors, windows, hatches etc. If the sealant is not obvious to the eye, then it is a good idea to reseal these spots on your vehicle, otherwise, it could experience damage to the frame and possibly staining the wall panelling. If you’re not comfortable doing this on your own, you can always call an experienced repairer to help you sort it out. See Aussie Traveller’s sealant options here.

Once you’ve taken all the precautions we’ve listed, there’s still one more step worth taking. Book in with Caravanning Queensland at one of their free safety check days. With plenty of locations throughout the state, this is a convenient way to conduct a thorough safety check with experienced inspectors. These checks are free and popular. Book in early to guarantee a spot by going to caravanqld.com.au and look up safety check days.

20 Mar 2019 11:40:57 am By Elevate Communications Caravan Safety, Checklist, Compliance, RV, Campervan, Comments Tutorials,

We are all packed and ready to set up camp at this year’s Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow from 20-25 February. The Supershow is one of the biggest events marked on the industry calendar, and we’re very excited to be so heavily involved.


You can find us at the AL-KO Innovation Hub at stand IH5, and also at Stand 86 in the Accessories Pavilion with plenty of product offerings and discounts, as well as one of our most exciting product reveals of 2019.


Watch out for our new product

We have spent the past 30 years as a leader of the Caravanning Industry with several industry trends being influenced by the development of Aussie Traveller products. We have used the Victorian Supershow as a stage to debut a wide range of products in the past, including our popular K3600 air conditioner and Euro Walls.


The AL-KO Innovation Hub is the perfect place for big news and that’s why we will be providing a sneak peek at our latest product the Anti-Flap Kit (AFK) LED! The AFKLED is a nation first product that combines the proven functionality of Aussie Traveller’s popular Anti Flap Kit, with an LED system installed set to flood caravanner’s living spaces with light.


In addition to our new product release, you’ll have the opportunity to see many of Aussie Traveller’s established products – many of these will be available at great prices exclusive to the show! So be sure to make your way down to Stand 86 at the Accessories Pavilion, and to stand IH5 at the AL-KO Innovation Hub to see our awnings, air conditioners, accessories and more.


2019 Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow

Stand 86, Accessories Pavilion as well as the AL-KO Innovation Hub at Stand IH5 in the Tourism Pavilion

Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Rd, Ascot Vale VIC 3032

20 – 25 February 2019 from 9:30 am daily

21 Feb 2019 4:49:44 pm By Aussie Traveller Comments Exhibitions/Shows,

About to take your new caravan out for the first time and looking for a hitch-free trip? With a new caravan, it is important to ensure you are equipped with the most effective products for your next adventure. To help, we’ve hand-selected a bunch of starter essentials for you to consider that will make for a smooth journey and enjoyable experience.


NEW Thule 5200 Awning - $953.70

Thule is amongst the biggest names in the caravan awnings and annexes industry, and the Thule 5200 is just one more example of why they’re such a renowned brand. It’s an economical and lightweight awning that stands out in terms of design and functionality. Projecting 2.5 meters, the 5200 is supplied with mounting brackets for flat surfaces, all fixings, and installation instructions. With sturdy spring arms to ensure perfect tension, and a user-friendly Quick Lock System, the awning serves as the most affordable way to create additional space for relaxation.


Anti-Flap Kit - $347.60

Aussie Traveller’s Anti-Flap Kit is the perfect tool to reduce flapping and strengthen your awning in any of Australia’s climates. The Anti-Flap Kit is designed to easily add walls to provide a wind and waterproof connection between the awning and walls. It works to increase stability, reduce damage and annoying flapping in windy conditions, as well as increase awning fabric tension. Easy to install and use, all necessary fitting and usage instructions are included in the kit, ensuring a quick and stress-free set up. With awning damage serving as the most common caravan related insurance claim, the Anti Flap kit is a necessity when embarking on your first caravanning adventure.


Autosteady – Pricing heavily discounted

The AutoSteady remote operated system is the ideal gadget for simple steadiness and maintenance of your caravan. With the ability to extend and retract your corner stabilising legs individually, or all at once, it requires no effort on your part. The system attaches to the side of the corner stabilisers, while the receiver attaches to wherever you choose to mount it, making for a stable and stress-free experience.


Functional and affordable, these products are the perfect way to get you ready for your first time caravanning. Once armed with the essentials, you’ll be ready to hit the road!

20 Dec 2018 3:48:01 pm By Zoe Green Comments Products,


Aussies enjoying their ‘home away from home’ holiday


The lines between home and ‘home away from home’ are beginning to blur in 2018. With the likes of powerful generators, fridges, super-lightweight awnings, and air conditioners becoming the norm in modern caravans, all the comforts associated with home are at the fingertips of Aussie caravanners.


There’s little left to be desired these days with the number of luxuries on offer to caravanners. Today, hot showers keep travellers comfortable in the cold, while slimline air conditioners have become essential during Australia’s sweltering summers.


Here at Aussie Traveller, we’re constantly striving to create the most comfortable home on the road possible. While there are purists who often refer to a decked-out caravanner as a glamper, we’re of the firm belief that exploring shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable.


Products like our annexes and Euro Walls have the ability to double the living space of a camped caravan, leaving plenty of room for large families. Then there’s the likes of the ATEC generator that can power anything from a three-way fridge, to TVs and microwaves. All the amenities of home are certainly available.


Take a look at our top products to add a little more comfort to your travels:


K3600 Air Conditioner - $1,925.00

With a high gloss cover for easy cleaning, and fan placement designed to improve airflow, introducing 4% fresh air into the caravan. Aussie Traveller's air-conditioner offers exceptional value – the days of high-rise air conditioners are over.


ATEC 3000i Generator – Was $1,232.00, Now $900

This 2.8kW generator packs enough punch to power a wide range of electronics and appliances.


EuroWall Kit - $1,980.00 + Fitting

Adding annexe walls to your caravan, motorhome or RV allows you to enjoy the comfort of a secure, private and spacious addition to your living area. The EuroWalls are believed to be Australia’s lightest annexe walls.


Thule Roof Vent - $124.30 (prices may vary)

This stylish Thule roof vent is available in manual or 12V electric and with the option of a white, translucent or transparent external dome, and comes with a blockout roller blind and mosquito screen as standard.

28 Nov 2018 1:08:43 pm By Zoe Green Comments Products,


North Brisbane locals will have their chance to purchase caravan and camping gear from a carpark clearance sale taking place from 10am Thursday 11 October until 5pm Saturday 13 October, as caravanning components and accessory industry veteran, Aussie Traveller, host their inaugural Carpark Sale.

Hundreds of components and accessories will be offered at 30-50% discounts in new or near-new condition. The sale will feature brand new superceded awnings, with a range of caravan lights, steps, windows, doors and other accessories up for grabs.

Aussie Traveller Director, Michael Freney, said he expects many locals, and some ‘not-so-locals’, to turn out at the onsite sale to grab everything from nuts and bolts to double slide-out electric steps and everything in between. 

“It’s not that often in our industry that you see caravanning components dropped to the prices we’ll see over the weekend. The sale is a great way to snap up vital caravan parts including awnings, annexes and lights just ahead of the travel season,” Mr Freney said.

Aussie Traveller will be holding a competition over the three-day period to win a new ATEC 2000i Generator. Caravanners will be able to enter the competition by spending over $100 at the Carpark Sale. Those looking to double their chances can receive a second entry into the competition by bringing their vehicle to the Aussie Traveller warehouse for a free measure and quote to fit an awning.

Mr Freney, who is overseeing the sale, highlighted the top three products available that buyers will be scrambling for.

  1. 1.    Thule Awnings in a range of sizes and models

“These will easily be the most popular products at the sale. Thule awnings are suitable for fitting on your RV or your home patio. All awnings at the sale are fully functional and will be in sights of many caravan bargain hunters, especially considering up to 50% has been knocked off the price.”

  1. 2.    LED Lights in a range of models and different shapes to fit any caravan

“Any caravan can be a cave without adequate lighting. Whether you’re in the process of building your caravan from the ground up, or replacing blown bulbs, this is a handy part to pick up at half-price.” 


  1. 3.    Thule caravan steps in a range of models (electric, slide-out and fold-out)

“For those wanting to take their caravan up another level, a caravan step is a handy addition, keeping things convenient when setting up camp and when it’s time to hit the road. Their clever design keeps the whole step tucked in safely when travelling, even on rough outback roads.”

To view a wider range of products on offer, head to: http://aussietraveller.com.au/specials 


The sale will run from 10am on Thursday 11 October, to Saturday 13 October, 11-15 Oasis Court, Clontarf, QLD.

5 Oct 2018 4:14:31 pm By Zoe Green Comments Exhibitions/Shows,

Beat the heat with these Aussie Traveller products


Last year was the third hottest year on record here in Australia, with Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney (Sydney had a high of 47 degrees Celsius) all having their hottest summers ever.

Aussie Traveller Managing Director, Michael Freney says if last year is anything to go by, then we’re facing some challenging heat ahead.

“My experience has been that when the temperatures start to soar that high, caravanners young and old can sometimes find conditions demanding – it’s too hot to stay inside the caravan, but outside you and the kids run the risk of the effects of the sun,” Michael said.

“Throw the likes of pesky mosquitos and other insects into the mix, and your holiday looks a lot less relaxing.”

Here are Michael’s top products to combat the heat:


K3600 Air Conditioning Unit – RRP $1,925.00

Aussie Traveller’s K3600 Air Conditioner unit offers caravanners the ability to combat that greenhouse effect in their stationary caravans, keeping our caravanners cool and comfortable indoors.

The roof-mounted unit weighs in at just 45kg, while still packing some punch showing the power to cool most caravans to a comfortable temperature.


Euro Walls – RRP $1980.00 + fit

For those chasing more traditional ways to beat the heat, Aussie Traveller has recently developed what is believed to be the lightest annexe walls in the country.

The Euro walls use innovative, lightweight European fabrics to maximise air flow.

But, with flowing air often comes unwanted airborne visitors, so the walls include a unique zip-in-zip-out feature to keep out the mozzies and midges, while still keeping things cool.


Have a closer look at how the Euro Walls or K3600 A/C Unit can keep you cool in the coming months online or at one of our showrooms.

Our Clontarf showroom is open from 8am until 5pm Monday to Friday and from 8am until 4pm on Saturday. Our Campbellfield showroom is open from 8am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

27 Sep 2018 9:56:18 am By Zoe Green Comments Products,

Last-minute Father’s Day Gifts for the man with a van

 Check out our last-minute specials for Father’s Day:

Anti-Flap Kit  ($347.60)

One of most popular products. Aussie Traveller's patented Anti Flap Kit offers a wind and waterproof method to attach walls to Dad’s awning.

 Curved Roof Rafters ($75.90)

Made to our exclusive design curve and shape, the Curved Roof Rafter was developed to help overcome windflap in the fabric of the awning and to prevent water from ponding. The Curved Roof Rafter is particularly effective when used in conjunction with the Anti-Flap Kit – so why not spoil Dad and get him both!

Sunblocker Long Side Walls (prices from $103.40)

The Sunblocker long side wall provides an airy yet shady addition to Dad’s motorhome, RV or caravan. It provides 60% light reduction while reducing temperature inside, perfect for the approaching hot summer days. The Sunblocker walls are available off the shelf in sizes to suit standard roll-out awnings or they can also be customised to suit your requirements.

 These specials will run for another week – so act fast and order today!

Our Clontarf showroom is open from 8am until 5pm Monday to Friday and from 8am until 4pm on Saturday. Our Campbellfield showroom is open from 8am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

31 Aug 2018 9:53:36 am By Zoe Green Comments Products,

EuroWalls Photo courtesy of Kedron Caravans

Introducing Aussie Traveller’s new lightweight Euro Walls

There’s no question as to why annexes are so popular among caravanning enthusiasts. Not only does a standard annexe double the living space in your caravan, but it also offers protection from the elements, blocking the scorching Aussie sun in summer and keeping you sheltered from heavy winds and rain in storm season.

We have been providing Aussie caravanners with high-quality annexes and awnings for over 30 years, and we’re now excited to share our latest innovation bringing annexes to a whole new level, the Euro Walls.


Introducing, what we believe is, the nation’s lightest caravan living walls, the Euro Wall

We’ve spent the last 18 months working with industry specialists to develop a solution for customers that addressed the pain points experienced when using annexes during their travels. We set out to create a product that was fast and easy to set up and clean, lightweight and retained the high-standard of quality we ensure for all of our products.

 Customised sizes to suit using lightweight quality European fabric with an innovative layout that features a zip in, zip out fly screen or PVC panel, the Euro Walls are being hailed as the latest must-have caravan accessory for Aussie Travellers.


Euro Wall Top features

Here’s what’s so great about our new Euro Walls: 

     *  Manufactured using lightweight and high strength European material, providing a 25% - 30% weight reduction on traditional wall fabrics.
     *  Modern design and colours in black and grey.
     *  Fully waterproof.
     *  Zip in/zip out interchangeable PVC window panel or mosquito mesh fly screen
     *  Vinyl mud skirt made to measure for each vehicle, providing a wind and bug barrier.
     *  The strong but lightweight material allows the transmission of natural light –this contrasts to traditional canvas that blocks out all the light.
     *  Quick and easy to set up and clean.
     *  Fitted with our popular Anti-Flap Kit which minimises wind flap and provides a wind and water proof seal between the walls and the awning.


How to get your hands on one

Here’s a walk-through video of the Euro Walls from the team at Kedron Caravans to check out the features!

All of Aussie Traveller’s Euro Walls are measured and customised to match each individual Caravan/Motor Home in our production facility in Brisbane Want to see the walls for yourself? Visit one of our showrooms in Clontarf or Campbellfield to see them in action!

Our Clontarf showroom is open from 8am until 5pm Monday to Friday and from 8am until 4pm on Saturday. Our Campbellfield showroom is open from 8am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.




3 Aug 2018 10:52:40 am By Zoe Green Comments Products,

We’re celebrating our 30th anniversary in the $2B caravanning industry this month!

With 30 years in the business, we’re still the only Australian manufacturer of custom made awnings

It’s been a mammoth few months for the Aussie Traveller team, as we attended our thirtieth show at the Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow at the Brisbane Showgrounds, while we’ve simultaneously been celebrating a big 30 years in the business!

How time flies! From what started out as two-person operation with just one product for sale (our famous Coolabah awning), to what’s grown into a substantial business with more than 50 staff members and a wide range of loved products by caravanning enthusiasts, it’s been a crazy three decades for Aussie Traveller.

We had a chat to Aussie Traveller’s Founder and Director Michael Freney to find out more about how today’s caravanning and RV industry is vastly different to how it was in the 1980s. Here’s what he had to say.

Mike, tell us a little bit about what the caravanning industry looked like when you first started out in 1988?

Back then, family holidays were spent at beachside caravan parks every school holiday in May, August and December. Caravanning was affordable and offered a chance to reconnect with nature and enjoy a relatively cheap holiday.

It was also the mining boom era where there were no mining camps available to house workers. They all stayed in caravans and awnings and annexes offered respite from the four walls of the small van, while offering protection from the elements.

Have you witnessed a growth or decline in the caravanning industry since you started out? 

Caravan production grew very quickly in the eighties. The eighties really were the peak years for caravans, with up to 37,000 caravans manufactured each year in Australia during that time. After that, it dropped significantly to around 4,500 caravans manufactured around 1991 and since then we’ve seen it grow pretty steadily to where the industry has been producing 20,000 to 22,000 units of caravans, campers and motorhomes each year for the last five years.

You’ve recently attended your 30th Brisbane Caravan Show. How have you seen the caravan shows change over the last 30 years?

The caravan shows brought in a good 70 percent of our annual revenue in the first ten years of running the business. Shows were limited to one major show per state and people travelled from all over to look at vans, awnings, annexes and accessories and ordered on the spot. We would then spend the next few weeks travelling to visit show customers at their home, to measure up their touring vehicles for awnings and annexes. These days, shows form another part of the research phase alongside digital research, but the number of options on the market make the decision-making stage much harder. We also measure and fit in our own facilities now!

The show we just attended at the Brisbane Showgrounds was great! We had a really busy week speaking with customers about our latest products. This year, we found the star of the Show was our Euro Walls which received a lot of interest from attendees!

Want to know more about the incredible products behind Aussie Traveller’s 30-year strong reputation? Check out our full suite of products here.

 Aussie Traveller 1988


Aussie Traveller 2018 


12 Jul 2018 12:05:18 pm By Zoe Green Comments Exhibitions/Shows,
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